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After the creation of SPARQLViz 1.0 we had a lot of ideas on how to improve it. The biggest change would be the addition of a graphical user interface which facilitates the creation of SPARQL queries in a wizard like manner. This enables the user to generate valid SPARQL queries without even having to know the language.
SPARQLViz was build up to version 2.0 during the writing of the Bachelor Thesis. I personally was responsible for the graphical query composition part of it all. At the end of the development process of version 2.0 we fully implemented a graphical user interface which acts as a wizard. The user is now able to use this wizard to generate ASK, CONSTRUCT, DESCRIBE, and SELECT queries. It also support the use of FILTERs to facilitate the user in writing powerfull WHERE clauses. 
More information and downloads (of both the software and an example dataset with corresponding queries) can be found at the SPARQLViz project page, which also provides you with more screenshots.
The SELECT query screen

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