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Almost two years ago I first heard of this thing called, the "social music revolution". By using it a music profile of the user is created, based on this profile is able to recommend music to its users. I did not start to use it at that time. However, my colleagues at Semlab mentioned it a few weeks ago. Since then I started using it and I love it! You can take a look at my personal profile in order to learn more about my musical tastes.

Personally I am using as a plugin for Amarok, my music player under Linux. This plugin uploads the meta-data of the songs I am listening to the server. Based on this data my user profile is created. Using this profile is capabale of recommending music to me, based on the music I listen. It is basically trying to predict what kind of music I like, based on my previous listening behaviour. Besides that it provides its users with all kinds of cool stats about the songs and artists they have listened to.
Examples of these statistics can be found bellow. Please note that these stats are updated almost realtime!
This is a list of my 10 most recently listened songs:
Another nice list is the one of my all time top tracks:
And the one of my all time top artists:
There are 3rd party websites which offer additional services like a recommended artists cloud, and a tag cloud. Another nice service is the normalised ranking list, which ranks your artist list based on how long the songs are.
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