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John Butler live @ Tivoli

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Last Wednesday (15-07-2009) I went to a concert of John Butler at a nice little venue called "Tivoli de Helling" at Utrecht, The Netherlands. The gig was sold out, but the location can only fit 425 people, therefore it promised to be an intimate show. The support act was Nicky Bomba, John Butlers brother-in-law, or as John Butler likes to say it: "brother from another mother". This Australian singer / songwriter was very entertaining with his cheerful songs. He played the drums, guitar, dobro, and even a small accordeon.

After Nicky Bomba it was time for John Butler to hit the stage. Because the show was advertised as "John Butler solo" I expected him to play slower, less funky / rocking versions of his songs. After the first few minutes it was clear that was not going to happen (luckily), John played his songs with lots of passion and energy. He was playing so energetic he made you forget there was no drummer and bass player on stage. The only thing I missed every now and then were backing vocals. However, during the second part of the show Nicky Bomba joined John Butler on stage playing drums and singing backing vocals (which apparantly is his new 'job' in the newly formed John Butler trio). This made the very relaxed John Butler even more relaxed, because now he had more freedom to play around on his guitar(s). During the show John played his twelve string guitar (with eleven strings on it :-)), dobro, banjo, mouth harp, and some other guitars.

The entire concert was just fantastic. Both John Butler and Nicky Bomba were very relaxed and had lots of fun onstage. John performed with a lot of passion for his music which transferred to the relaxed crowed which seemed to enjoy itself very much.

Bellow you'll find the setlist of the show:
Treat Yo Mama
Losing You
Damned to Hell

With Nicky Bomba on drums:
Better Than
Gov' Did Nothing

Want You Back
Funky Tonight

I am looking forward to the new CD which is currently being recorded by John Butler with his new trio, including Nicky Bomba on drums. I am hoping this new trio will hit the road this autumn, so we can see them again soon in The Netherlands.

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