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2012-02-12 - Ice skating the 2 Provincientocht

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Sunday the 12th of February was the last day we could go ice skating because on Monday the temperature was going to be above 0 degrees Celsius. We didn't go ice skating early in the morning, because we were still a bit tired from the day before when we skated 68 km. We decided to go to a tour nearby called the "2 provinciƫn tocht" which is right on the border of two Dutch states: Zuid-Holland & Utrecht. The tour took us across the typical Dutch polder landscape past several beautiful windmills. Along the way our log had to be signed in Vlist, Polsbroekerdam & Polsbroek. Eventually, after skating a little under 40km, we could pick up our medal at the starting point in Haastrecht. Although it was cloudy the entire day it wasn't very cold, because the temperature was already rising and it wasn't very windy. We had a great final day on the ice and our now almost ready to finish the ice skating season.

Bellow you'll find a GPS track log and a couple of pictures:

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