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2007-12-29 - Walking from Oudekerk a/d IJssel to Kooiwijk

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Yesterday Walter and I drove to Oudekerk a/d IJssel in order to walk from there towards Kooiwark, following the "Groene Hart pad" long distance walking path. We decided we wanted to do a long walk from about 30 kilometers. We ended up doing a walk of 30,7 kilometers in 4 hours and 48 minutes, which gives us an average of 6,53 kilometers per hour. However, this time we made the error of not pausing at all, which made it a very hard walk for me for the last 6 kilometers. I started having cramps in my calves. I had to stop every few hundred meters to make the cramps go away. I never had this much pain while walking. Although it hurt like hell, it was good to have this feeling, because now I know how it feels when all goes wrong and you have an off day. I think we can conclude that we should take a break after 20 kilometers or so.

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Besides the cramps we had a nice walk, the weather was really great, as you can see on the following pictures.
The nice flat Dutch landscape. From 2007-12-29 - Hiking @ Kooiwijk
The endlessly long country roads. From 2007-12-29 - Hiking @ Kooiwijk
Another beautiful Dutch country road. From 2007-12-29 - Hiking @ Kooiwijk
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