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2013-12-07 - Ice skating @ Rotterdam

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On Saturday the 7th of December I went ice skating again. It was the first time in two weeks, because the previous two Saturdays I had other stuff to do. This time we didn't go to De Uithof in The Hague, because a new ice rink closer to home opened its doors a week ago. In Rotterdam they created a temporary ice rink, which is supposed to be rebuild each year. In summer the terrain is used to play field hockey, in winter there is a completely closed 400 meter ice rink. I think it's a great plan to reuse the terrain like this and I hope this idea is financial viable. The quality of the ice isn't as good as it is in De Uithof, but I think this will improve with time once they have a bit more experience in Rotterdam. Today I went for a short sessions and ended up skating 47 laps (18,8km).



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