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2012-03-17 - Ice skating @ The Hague

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Today we went ice skating at The Hague for the last time this season. I didn't go ice skating again since our last time in the outdoors over a month ago. In the meantime we went skiing for a week, so it felt a bit weird standing on ice skates again. For some reason today wasn't my day, my legs didn't feel right so I took it easy. I ended up skating 67 laps which is 26,8 km.

We will be ending the ice skating season by going to the Essent ISU World Single Distances Speed Skating Championships 2012 in Thialf, Heerenveen next week. I've never seen a professional speed skating match in real life so I'm really looking forward to the experience. Off course I also hope the Dutch will go home with a couple of gold medals :-)

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