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2012-02-10 - Ice Skating the Poldertocht Bergambacht

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The past couple of days we had a lot of fun on the ice. On Friday the 10th of February Fenneke and I did the Poldertocht Bergambacht which is a tour of about 25 kilometers through the typical dutch polder. This is a special type of land which was used in The Netherlands to convert land from a body of water. They are often associated with windmills although these are not always present in the polder. This ice skating tour took us through the polder for 25 kilometers from Berkenwoude to Bergambacht and back. We added around 13 kilometers ourselves so we ended up skating 38 kilometers in an afternoon. The weather was amazing: very sunny and around -5 degrees Celsius. These are the days I've spent all the mornings in the ice hall in The Hague for.

Bellow you'll find a GPS track log and pictures of the tour:

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