2007-11-24 - Walking from Schiedam to Delft

Saturday, 24 November 2007 19:49 Jethro Borsje
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Today Walter and I walked took the subway to Schiedam. From there we walked through Vlaardingen, and Schipluiden to Delft. This was a trip of 26,2 kilometer which we walked in 4 hours and 2 minutes, giving as an average of 6,5 kilometers per hour. This was the first time we walked more than 25 kilometers.
Usually we are walking in the evening after work in the evening. Because it is now winter it is always cold (and often rainy) and dark when we walk in the evening. This is not really motivating. However walking by daylight as today is way better, and more motivating. Basically: we had a great walk.
You can also download a KML file which you can load into your local Google Earth installation for more information. More info on KML files can be found here.
Here are some pictures:
The beautiful Dutch environment
At times the sky was dark
A very nice country road
Walter taking a rest stop
The Dutch sceenery
The long road to Schipluiden
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